Stephanie Allen

Stephanie completed her undergraduate psychology degree at UNSW and her post graduate studies, including a Masters of Psychology, at UOW. She has since completed many different types of training and professional development, such as:

Stephanie’s training in DBT has all been provided by either Behavioral Tech or by Marsha Linehan, and has included the comprehensive skills training and individual training, Development and Application of DBT, Family Connections Leaders Training, and attendance at the first World Congress in Borderline Personality Disorder. Stephanie has completed Intensive training in DBT in order to further her knowledge of DBT. She is also a member of the online international DBT community.

As a Clinical Psychologist with nearly 15 years experience working in clinical settings, Stephanie embarked on her career by working in traumatic brain injury. Here she remained for 2 years, and the role also included working in a rehabilitation setting with clients who have experienced a stroke, amputation, burn victims and spinal cord injury. This role sparked Stephanie’s enthusiasm for focusing on behavior change, and reinforcement principles, both of which are firmly embedded in the DBT framework.

Stephanie then worked in an adult Community Mental Health setting for five years, particularly with clients experiencing suicidal ideation and behaviour, and non-suicidal self-injury. This is where she became heavily involved in using DBT, including co-facilitating a DBT group, conducting individual therapy, phone coaching, and being an integral part of developing adjunctive DBT resources, quality improvement projects, and enhancing service delivery.

Stephanie currently utilises DBT in her private practice, which included many of her clients attending private DBT groups as an adjunct to the individual therapy she provides. And she remains passionate and dedicated to utilizing DBT to help clients build a life worth living in whatever way that means to them.