For You

If you’ve arrived here it’s likely that you or someone you know is experiencing ongoing difficulties managing their emotions. Our wish is that we can be a source of hope and information.

Often people find Dialectical Behaviour Therapy after struggling to cope for quite some time. This struggle can have many personal costs. These can include using self-harm, alcohol, drugs, or chronic avoidance to cope, damaged relationships or experiencing life as a series of letdowns. Understandably life may feel unliveable as it is. If you identify with these types of problems then DBT may be able to help you.

This website is about real hope, not false hope. Through DBT many people have learned to make sense of their feelings, manage them more effectively, and live fuller, richer lives.  There is extensive research supporting the use of DBT with a wide range of problems that often are not usually helped with other forms of therapy.

DBT is not a quick fix, and DBT therapists will not treat you like there is. If there was a quick fix you wouldn’t be here reading this now. DBT appreciates the complexity of ongoing emotional problems, that change can be difficult, and that it may feel risky and challenging. However, DBT appreciates that, through the right type of support and therapy, lasting change is possible.

Through this website you can start to look at whether you might be interested in DBT for yourself. You will get to know the ideas behind DBT, how they work, and what DBT might involve if you commit to it. For people looking to help someone else, the website will introduce you to DBT and how you can use the principles of DBT effectively to help the person you care for.