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BPD from a client perspective

Tom –

Advice for mums and dads –

Lets talk self harm – if can handle disruption in adds many good points, also put up sequel to friends of self harm, a bit focused on body image, however great points –

Interesting video about the effects of bullying –




If Only We Had Known: A Family Guide to Borderline Personality

The five videos in the series are available in two formats. One is via streaming video which can be obtained at the website. Each video can be viewed several times over the course of a month and cannot be saved. The cost is $14.99 per video.

The programs are also available on DVD via Amazon. The cost is $99.99 per DVD or $449.99 for the five part set.

Instructions for accessing the instant streaming videos and the DVD are located on the website.

NEABPD has a distance family psycho-education program called Tele-connections. It’s an offshoot of their location based Family Connections program. You can learn more about this from the NEABPD website



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Brief written overview of the experience of emotional sensitivity:

Finding a DBT therapist-brief overview of DBT and questions to ask to find a therapist:



An open letter –

The quiet Borderline –

Compassionate documentary –

Back from the Edge, doco-with lots of supportive info for families and clients –



BPD family: