Ilana Karpin

Clinical Psychologist

Ilana Karpin completed her undergraduate psychology degree at University of Sydney and her Masters of Psychology at University of Sydney. Since then she has participated in a range of professional development and training, with a particular focus on the treatment of trauma, ACT, DBT and providing supervision. Ilana has completed the Introduction to DBT, Individual Psychotherapy in DBT, Skills training in DBT: the essentials, Masterclass in DBT, DBT: Managing Therapy Interfering Behaviours, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy: Real change is possible, as well as the DBT intensive training course conducted by behaviortech. She also participates in an online international DBT learning community.

Ilana Karpin is a clinical psychologist with 18 years experience in mental health which includes providing individual and group based CBT, ACT and DBT treatment within community mental health, inpatient and outpatient service settings. She has 14 years experience working within the Dialectical Behaviour Therapy framework, in addition to prior experience providing individual therapy and crisis support to suicidal and self harming clients within community mental health services. Ilana has been involved in early intervention projects within community mental health and has worked with both adolescent inpatient and outpatient teams to develop DBT within their services. She has provided consultation and training for DBT to private, public and NGO services. Currently she provides individual DBT and ACT based therapy within private practice, co-facilitates DBT skills training groups and provides supervision, consultation and DBT training to a range of services.