Support Resources and Ideas

The good news is that there are many resources out there that can help you to develop your understanding and knowledge. Many are listed in our site.

Consider joining a support group such as Borderline Support. There are online communities (LINK) or groups you can attend (LINK), and there are national organisations dedicated to supporting people and carers, such as the Mental Health Carers Association, ARAFMI. In the USA there are a number of DBT centred family originations. Some have chat rooms you can join, and blogs you can follow. These organisations include BPD Family.

Our organisation and others provides one-on-one support to carers from DBT perspective. You can learn about complex emotional problems from a DBT perspective, and learn about validation and DBT skills. In our experience a few sessions can make a considerable amount of difference. We will soon be running a group for people wanting to support their significant others. It is available to people irrespective of whether their loved one is in DBT. Information on the group can be found in the section on our Family and Friends programme.